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21 Opt-In Freebies That Will Grow Your Email List!

One of the biggest struggles I had after starting a blog was how to grow an email list!

Back in 2015, I was learning all about how to start a blog and how to use WordPress, but I knew nothing about email marketing or getting subscribers!

I put a tiny opt-in incentive at the bottom of my website that simply said “subscribe for more!”.

More of what exactly? I wasn’t totally sure…

Fast forward almost 4 years and I’ve grown email lists to several thousand subscribers using the same methods EVERY time!

I now focus on offering a valuable freebie up front as an incentive for my readers to give me their email addresses.

I learned what freebies to offer, where to offer them, and some tips to use blog traffic to maximize sign ups.

If you want this juicy info, just grab a copy of my FREE eBook below!

So what are some of the best opt-in freebies you can offer to grow an email list quickly? We're going to look at that right now!

1. Content Upgrade

Content upgrades are really simple to use as freebies. Normally, you would include this upgrade at the end of a blog post. On any specific blog post, you could design an opt-in like


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