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Top Instagram Hashtags for Followers in Every Niche!

Using Instagram to grow your audience and engage with your readers is a great way to bring visibility to your blog! BUT, are you using the top Instagram hashtags properly?

Because Instagram can definitely be hit or miss for bloggers.

I discovered early on that I really liked Instagram and I could make it work for me and my blog. I grew my followers from 0-1000 in 4 weeks and kept some pretty decent engagement rates!

After Pinterest, Instagram is my second biggest traffic generator for this website!

But it wasn't always that way...

For almost an entire year, I was making this HUGE mistake on Instagram:

I was using SUPER popular hashtags.

Because I didn't know a ton about Instagram marketing, I figured the best way to get my posts seen was by using really popular hashtags that everyone's searching for.

I would Google "top Instagram hashtags for followers" or "best Instagram hashtags" and up come up with lists of popular hashtags that had over 1 million tags. My posts were filled with incredibly competitive tags every time.


If you're a small/medium Instagrammer, using mega competitive hashtags won't get you anywhere! No one will see your posts and your engagement rates will be atrocious!

There is a huge difference between the top Instagram hashtags for followers and the top Instagram hashtags for followers YOU should be using.



The point of using hashtags on Instagram is to make sure people searching for those topics+hashtags actually see your post. Much like trying to rank for Google, you want your posts to actually "rank" in the top posts sections of Instagram.

If you


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