ted talks for entrepreneurs

9 Ted Talks for Entrepreneurs You Should Play Today!

Do you need an extra boost of motivation? I’ve found my absolute FAVORITE Ted Talks for entrepreneurs to give you guys a little boost in your day!

Do you ever have those moment when you know you should really be doing work and being productive, but you just can’t bring yourself to start? I think we all do!

It happens to me ALL the time- especially as a blogger since I’m sitting at my computer all day and I literally have any distraction I could ever imagine available at my fingertips (Google!).

In moments like this, I feel way better watching a motivational video than I do going on Facebook or Instagram. At least I feel like I’m being slightly more “intellectual” and on topic when I listen to a motivation speaker. And that’s exactly why I fell in LOVE with Ted Talks!

If you’re not already listening to Ted Talks, I highly recommend you start!! You can listen to some amazing people talking about (basically) any subject


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